EPS Engineering & Design is focused on helping our customers…with 100% satisfaction the key deliverable.

Whether the challenge is to accommodate your growing power needs, solving field problems or upgrading installations to comply with ever changing industry codes & standards, our skilled engineering, design and drafting staff can assist.

EPS Engineering & Design focuses on communication, effective project management and logical problem solving to drive projects to completion both on time and within budget. With a strong project history in the renewable energy market, we have expertise in all the applicable physical, protection & control and communication based design tasks to design and support construction of the installations.


Project Management


  • Scheduling
  • Feasibility
  • Cost estimates
  • Owner updates & communication
  • Engineering studies
  • Bid documents
  • General contractor selection
  • Equipment specifications
  • Construction drawings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Elevation drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Construction support through commissioning

Renewable Energy Design

  • Specialized in wind & solar
  • Site design & layout
  • Collection systems
  • Utility interconnection
  • Project management

Engineering Studies

  • Short Circuit
  • Coordination
  • Load Flow
  • Motor Starting
  • Grounding & Lightning
  • Arc flash & NFPA 70E

Relay Settings

  • Instrument Calculations & Logic
  • Relay Event File Analysis
  • Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions

Power Quality

  • Power Measurements
  • Voltage Transient
  • Harmonic Distortion